Monthly Archives for March 2014

Adding Featured Images to Post Listings

I’ve just released a minor upgrade to the All Y’all WordPress theme. The main change you’ll notice is adding featured image functionality — so thumbnail graphics show on blog post listing pages, like this page.

The Holy Grail of Accessible Fonts?

I’m a simple soul. Well, that’s not true, but I do have a deep hunger for simplicity and best practices — guidelines to help me pull together beautifully accessible websites without huge amounts of research on every detail. Among those “details” I often wrestle with are fonts. I have this pipe dream that one day […]

Theme Look and Feel

I just got a request from Joseph Karr O’Connor that “when we release accessible themes that we describe them so everyone can get a sense of what they look like.” Well, wow…. That’s seriously cool that anyone’s interested. I bet he specifically wants a description that works for a blind person. To that end…. The […]