Mug shot of Anna Belle

By trade, I’m a front-end Web developer and have been since around the beginning of Web time (1994 being the year I began). Very early on I became committed to building accessible websites, but I did this work in something of a vacuum. I baked accessibility into my code as best I knew how, but never talked about it because no one else cared.

Then a few years ago, I lucked into a supervisor who did care. With his encouragement, I reached out to Shawn Henry of the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Next thing I knew I was an “invited expert” (their term) to the WAI.

In truth I am no expert. However I’m an experienced Web developer who is deeply committed to accessibility. And I’m learning.

The way I learn best is to do. So with this site my rubber hits the road. My deepest gratitude goes to all those who have supported me in this work — the WAI crew (especially Shawn and Sharron Rush), Scott Sobecki, and Mr. Web Diva (AKA Alan, my better half).

Anna Belle Leiserson
AKA Happy Web Diva