Child Themes for All Y’all

I designed the All Y’all theme to be parent theme — making it easy to propagate beautiful children that meet your particular needs. I have this enormous desire to make the Web more accessible and it’s the best way I can figure out that one little old developer can maybe do just that. So all you have to do is find someone who knows a modicum of CSS and they can easily build you a custom child theme.

All the Children Are Above Average

Here are the child themes I know of thus far. If you’ve developed one you’d like me to add to this list, please contact me.

1. NVC Nashville

Last January I found out I was the NVC webmaster. Yikes! I hadn’t realized that was coming so fast, but thanks to an early prototype of the All Y’all theme I was able to quickly roll out a theme that has proved to be surprisingly popular among this community. The theme itself took less than a day to develop. What took the longest was developing a logo. (I don’t have a lot of experience with logo development.) Now, even though it’s been in the wild for quite a few months, people keep telling me how much they love “new website’s” simplicity and ease. (It’s really not a new website — just a new WordPress theme.)

2. Happy Web Diva

This is my ancient-of-days site. It badly needed to be brought into the responsive age. In just a couple of hours, I was able to adapt All Y’all so it closely resembled the old look. What took me the most time was finding a free font I could use for the header (instead of kludging with graphic text).

3. Faith 2015

This is a beta version of my old Faith 2012 theme that I developed for congregations a number of years ago. The two reasons for this new version are: (1) the old one was not responsive, and (2) I didn’t know as much about accessibility as I do now — ergo this version will be more accessible. Coding it took quite a bit more effort than the other two — primarily because it needs to work for other people — not just me.

4. Honey Child

Technically the All Y’all site actually uses a theme I call “Honey Child.” All it does is add Google Analytics to the footer (since I avoid plugins when possible). I only mention this as an example of just how basic a child theme can be.