Getting Started with the A11 Y’all Theme

Here are some basic instructions to get you started installing and customizing the All Y’all theme for WordPress. Note: you must be a site administrator to do this.


  1. Download the theme.
  2. Sign into your WordPress site’s admin panel.
  3. Go to Appearance > Themes.
  4. Click the Add New button at the top.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Click Choose File and select the theme’s .zip file that you downloaded.
  7. Click Install Now.
  8. After WordPress installs the theme, click Activate.
  9. You are now ready to customize your new theme. Enjoy!

Customize Your Theme

Using the Admin Interface

You can control all theme options using the “Appearance” section of the admin menu. Under “Appearance” select:

  1. Navigation. This controls the two main menus. Until you select these, they will float to the left instead of lining up with the rest of the content.
    1. If you don’t already have menu(s), click the “create a new menu” link near the top and add some pages to it.
      Note: to create submenu items (flydown lists) drag them right so they indent under the parent listing.
    2. Select the menu you want for the header menu. At the bottom right, under “Menu Settings,” select the “Theme location” of “Main Menu.”
      Note that on small screens only the first and last menu items appear; consider making one of these “Site Map.” Also, on large screens the menu levels are limited to two for accessibility reasons.
    3. Select the menu you want for the footer menu. At the bottom right, under “Menu Settings” select the “Theme location” of “Footer Menu.”
  2. Header. This controls the logo displaying in the upper left. The default is no logo. This theme has three logos to choose among if you wish (under “Default Images” in the panel) — including the logo this site uses. Alternatively, you may upload your own logo here. The optimal size is 125×125 pixels.
  3. Background. You may customize the background color or background image here. Note that the content background is translucent, so (for example) if you select the color black (#000000) as your background, the header background color becomes a medium gray (#cccccc) and the content background becomes a light gray (#e6e6e6). Or if you select an image as a background, you will see a pale version of it behind the header in particular.
  4. Widgets. This controls your sidebars for posts and for pages. Try experimenting with a few and see what works best for your site.

When you are through, be sure to thoroughly check your site to make sure everything is working as you wish.

Using the Theme Customizer

You can also change theme options with the Customizer. The advantage of the Customize is you can preview what’s happening. The disadvantage is it doesn’t have as many options as the above.

To access the theme customizer, click Appearance > Customize in the WordPress admin menu. All Y’all’s options are located in the left sidebar. When you’re finished with changes, click “Save & Publish.” Be sure to double check your site.