Licensing the Default Header Image

Rainbow pinwheel logo

Default header image for All Y’all

Well who knew…. I need to license the header image I created for this theme. I just learned this as part of getting the theme reviewed for WordPress. I am most fortunate to have an extremely patient reviewer — Pratik Shrestha. (An aside — he is from Kathmandu! I just love the global reach of WordPress. And hopefully soon it will be more accessible too.)

My mind is boggling a bit (so to speak) about this licensing thing. Mr. Web Diva is a lawyer, but he’s in China. Besides which he’s an environmental lawyer, so I doubt he’d know any more than I about the ins-and-outs of copyright law.

In any event, I created the image in Illustrator and I’m fine with folks using it. I guess I’d appreciate attribution if you like it, but that’s not required. As to the license, I figure, like the theme itself, it’s available through GNU General Public License v3 or later. The URI for the license is: