Theme Look and Feel

I just got a request from Joseph Karr O’Connor that “when we release accessible themes that we describe them so everyone can get a sense of what they look like.”

Well, wow…. That’s seriously cool that anyone’s interested. I bet he specifically wants a description that works for a blind person. To that end….

The All Y’all WordPress theme in its default version is monochromatic, with the exception of links (which follow industry defaults of blue initially and purple once visited), plus a 200 by 200 pixel logo in the upper left. The default logo has seven squares in a rainbow sequence. (Monochrome blahs — begone!)

The background is initially light with almost black menu bars that span the width of the window. If you hover over the menus with a mouse, level two menus drop down. (Or you can tab through both levels of the menu.)

The look features a largish plain Helvetica Neue font and generous amounts of whitespace. Between the very light backgrounds and whitespace, it has what people often characterize as “an airy quality.”

A search box is featured at the top of the header — floated right on desktop displays. Also in desktop displays, the widgets are displayed in a right column. The “skip to content” link is initially invisible on a desktop, only popping up if you hit the tab.

It’s easy to change the background color or wallpaper, which can significantly alter the look. The content, header and footer areas have a slightly transparent white background. So if you make the background red, the content, header and footer will be shades of pink. In addition, the logo can be changed out too with a different 125 by 125 pixel graphic.

I expect between the background and logo flexibility it can go from airy to garish in a heartbeat. I picture a purple background with a yellow submarine logo. But hey, whatever works for folks. I’m good with purple and yellow as long as its accessible and not my site.